The Green Furnace Filter

Why our furnace filters?

Why our furnace filters?

Although you may be tempted to pick an inexpensive filter to cut costs now, tests show that it will increase utility bills and air quality will suffer. Your home or facility will actually be spending much more in the end. This does not even include duct cleaning, coil cleaning and additional home or facility maintenance costs that result from failed filters.

For a lower cost of ownership, choose a high-quality filter that will run efficiently, clean the air thoroughly and last longer.

Let the advanced Energy Cost Index (ECI) help simplify the selection process for you!

What is the Energy Cost Index (ECI)?

Energy Cost Index (ECI)

There are industry test reports and the data published in manufacturers’ literature or packaging to help you select a filter for your application. However, will they provide a true indicator of a filter’s value over its life in your system?

Unfortunately the testing method prescribed today is an accelerated test — the test is performed in a matter of hours, hardly consistent with how the filter may perform over a matter of months or even years. Some manufacturers use filter enhancements to fool the test into exhibiting an efficiency that in actual application can degrade in a time period of weeks or less. Their literature may even portray the filter’s performance based only upon the accelerated test data; misleading at best.

The Energy Cost Index or ECI is a filter rating system that looks at a filter’s efficiency over its lifetime and the energy required to move air through that filter. ECI compares filters of similar construction, under the same conditions of operation and provides an indicator of TRUE performance. Specifically, the formula is dollars per percent, of filter efficiency. The lower the value, the better the filter.

A filter with an ECI of five stars is a stellar performer — maintains its efficiency over its life and uses less energy to move air through the filter. It is in the top 20% of all filters evaluated. Camfil Farr’s Research and Development department can provide ECI values on all Camfil Farr products and ECI values for products offered by other manufacturers.

Does it help me save?

The Energy Cost Index (ECI) value is calculated using life cycle cost modeling software that has been used and evaluated with real-life testing for over 15 years.

The calculated value is then converted into a star rating, with the highest star value translating to the lowest energy consumption. Based upon a five star scale, the ECI is an indicator of what a filter will cost over its lifetime. The energy savings from one star level to another can be significant. Five stars should be your choice if you are seeking the most cost-effective filter.

The following table shows the average energy use in dollars by star value:

Star Value

Savings per year at 10c a KwH. Your system will vary based upon local KwH cost and system airflow.

Why is it green?

Truly green furnace filters. It is like comparing apples to oranges

Competitors promise energy savings at the cost of declining air quality during use. They offer low up-front cost but shorter service life and therefore high carbon footprint and waste. Their claims can’t be backed up by "real life" field testing under actual operating conditions.

Only Camfil Farr guarantees the "green" performance of their 5-Star premium air filters throughout the life of the filters. Their 5-Star premium filters will substantially reduce HVAC related energy use, waste and environmental impact. And only Camfil Farr offers the tools and technologies to prove it.

It's like comparing Apples to Oranges!

Try the 30/30 filter

30/30 furnace filter is truly the champion

"30/30®" is the first true MERV 8 (ASHRAE 52.2-2007) prefilter. The 30/30 has very low initial resistance, low maintained resistance to airflow, and the lowest average pressure drop of any MERV 8 filter. It has earned five stars on the ECI (Energy Cost Index) – the best-possible performance ranking.

  • Highest available air quality.
  • Product performance guarantee.
  • Lowest annual waste cost per year.
  • 16 year proven track record.
  • Field verified and tested for real life performance.
  • Energy star rated.

Nothing like taking the test!


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