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Proof of longer life, cost savings, and better air quality leads medical center to install 30/30 filters across the campus

Furnace filters case study for hospitals

The design of the inlet air ductwork and configuration of the air handling unit component spacing were causing very short filter life due to higher than normal air velocity and turbulent airflow patterns. In addition, high humidity common to the facility’s geographic location was exacerbating the strain on air filter life. The poor design conditions led to quick filter loading and frame bowing and breakage. This caused the need to change filters on average of every two months. Redesigning and replacing the air handling units would cost the center hundreds of thousands of dollars which was not an option.

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Large university acknowledges notable economic impact by changing to a filter lasting three to nine times longer

Furnace filters case study for university

In 2003, the facilities management department decided that panel filter change-outs in the air handling units throughout the campus were too frequent and that buying product solely on price may be having a negative overall economic impact. Thus, they decided to bring in competitive products to test.

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Pharmaceutical manufacturer improves air quality while significantly reducing their energy costs

Furnace filters case study for pharmaceutical

Manufacturer was faced with energy being their largest operating cost component related to HVAC filtration. With over 300 air handling units (AHU) in one campus at their sprawling facility, situated in the Midwest to support multidisciplined manufacturing. Their facility management team identified the current spend on replacement filters was typically $400,000 annually, which accounted for only 15% of the overall air handling operating costs. The manufacturer’s biggest concern was energy consumption which made up 70% of their total air handling running costs.

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High-profile hotel reduces energy costs per room by changing to prefilters that lasts fives times longer

Furnace filters case study for hospitality

A high-profile hotel located at one of the three largest airports in the U.S. was experiencing very frequent air filter change requirements in their unit heating/cooling ventilators in each of their 700 rooms.

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Camfil filters create a safer environment with lower costs for renowned brewery

Furnace filters case study for food and beverage

The facility has 35 rooftop make-up air handling units (AHU) serving the production and administrative areas. Each AHU contained 24 filters, so approximate total airflow to the building is 1.6 million cfm. Each AHU had eighteen 20" x 25" x 12" filters and six 16" x 25" x 12" filters that were Airguard® two-pocket, synthetic (charged coarse fiber) media cube filters. The cube filters were being changed every four months at a filter and labor cost of $509 per unit.

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Camfil 30/30 extended life provides manufacturer significant savings in annual filter costs

Furnace filters case study for manufacturing

Due to this manufacturer being an extremely high profile company and a large user of air filters at its corporate campus, air filtration companies frequently called on the account claiming to have the best product, price, and service. The company decided to put an end to the speculation and test multiple products in real use to determine the best economic value, and not just ”first cost” comparison.

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Major retailer recognizes staying loyal to the more expensive prefilter continues to offer them substantial annual savings

Furnace filters case study for retail

After many successful years using the Camfil Farr 30/30®, in 2007 the retailer’s purchasing department decided panel filters were all the same and they could save a lot by going out for bid with any manufacturer’s high capacity pleat. They currently change their 30/30 panel filters every four months and have had no problems. Energy savings is paramount to this customer.

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