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Furnace filters online

Why shop for furnace filters at the store, if we deliver to your door?

  • Premium quality

    Higher dust holding capacity and maximizes air flow

  • Lower price

    Pay a lot less than the filters offered at retail stores

  • Free Shipping

    We ship furnace filters across Canada at no cost to you!

Furnace filters made in Canada
  • Save on energy costs

    Keeps your furnace running more efficiently

  • Cleaner air

    Captures micro particles for a cleaner environment

  • Protects your furnace

    Protects the furnace from major repair costs in the long run

Residential furnace filters

Shop with confidence in the convenience of your own home! Pay less without sacrificing on the quality of the furnace filters.

As an added assurance, we provide free shipping via FedEx ground when you buy furnace filters from Exponet Canada.

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Commercial furnace filters

Whether your need air filtration products for industrial or commercial applications, we have a range of clean air solutions for you. These air filtration products will not only increase air quality, but also help save energy costs. Here are some of the many proven case studies:


Select the residential furnace filters or commercial filtration product category to learn more

  • 30/30

    Merv 8A (5-star)

  • 3M Filtrete
    3M Filtrete

    Allergen reduction

  • High efficiency bag filters
    High efficiency bag filters

    Multi-pocket high efficiency filters

  • High efficiency compact filters
    High efficiency compact filters

    High efficiency v-style/box filters and more

  • Aeropleat IV
    Aeropleat IV

    Merv 8 (4-star)

  • HEPA and ULPA filters
    HEPA and ULPA filters

    HEPA and ULPA grade filters

  • AP-Eleven

    Merv 11 (5-star)

  • Honeywell FC100A1029
    Honeywell FC100A1029

    Merv 11

  • AP-Thirteen

    Merv 13

  • Pleated filters
    Pleated filters

    High efficiency pleated panel filters

  • Goodman M0-1056, M1-1056, M2-1056, M8-1056
    Goodman M0-1056, M1-1056, M2-1056, M8-1056

    Merv 11

  • Aeropleat III
    Aeropleat III

    Merv 8

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